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Josh and his crew of two additional men did a tremendous job moving my husband and I from W Palm Beach to Pensacola. They were efficient, worked effectively together, and handled all of our items with care! The quote given was our exact charge. Josh communicated well throughout the entire process. I would trust them again for any future moves!! Highly recommend!!

Meghan M.

We used alberts relocation service for our move to Jacksonville and had a great experience. They were very professional. I especially appreciated how up front they were about their pricing – there were no hidden charges or fees – something I have heard other moving companies are known for. We definitely recommend their service and would use them again!

Adrienn G.

Jashua called me right after I requested a moving service online. He explained everything to me on the phone so there was no hidden cost in his proposal. His pricing was fair and less expensive than other moving companies at Pembroke Pines. They showed up ontime and worked quickly to move and deliver all boxes and furniture. Very Professional, responsible and great team to work with. Highly recommended. 5 stars

Sudi E.

Initially hired another company to move our stuff from orlando to miami. They did and it was a nightmare. So we called Albert’s and they moved our stuff from storage into our garage. ( we had painters in the house) Then they came back and moved from the garage into the house. All guys were very personable and were cool as hell. Not only that but they get the work done. Wish we wouldve called Albert’s first and it wouldve been a lot less of a headache.

Corbet W.

About Us

My name is Josh Herron, US Army Veteran and proud owner of one of the companies with the best reviews in South Florida. I have been doing this most of my life alongside my father, who had the #1 moving company in Central Florida until he sold it in 2008. It has always been my lifelong dream to one day go off on my own and do what I love most. Moving is and has always been my passion.

Once I was discharged from the US Army after my tour in Iraq in 2010, I decided to buckle down and do what I do best putting my 20 years of moving knowledge to work. My father taught me one important thing about this industry, and that be honest and treat customers right which, unfortunately, is hard to come by these days. Customer service is my top priority and my goal on every move is to turn all the past bad moving experiences, into smiles.

I believe that providing customers with a positive outlook on their moving experience is possible as long as you hire the right company.  I enjoy building relationships with my customers and personally answer all calls, texts and emails. Albert's Relocation Services is family-owned and operated and we look forward to making you a part of our Albert's Relocation Services moving family.

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Mover Services

Mover services encompass everything from packing to transport for a stress-free move.

Residential Movers

Our residential mover services ensure a smooth transition to your new home.

Commercial Movers

Our commercial mover services are designed to minimize downtime for businesses.

Long Distance Movers

Our long-distance mover services offer a dependable and efficient relocation solution.

Antique Movers

Our antique mover services guarantee the safe transport of your cherished collectibles.

Piano Movers

Our piano mover services guarantee the safe move of your valuable pianos.

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Satisfied Customers

Steps To Hire Us

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We Do The Work

Satisfied Customers

Moving Has Never Been This Easy

Antique Movers in Cooper City, FL

Albert’s Relocation Services specializes in the delicate field of antique moving. Antique movers play a crucial role in the safe and secure transport of valuable and often irreplaceable assets. Whether you’re an individual collector or a business with a significant collection, the need for antique movers becomes evident when you consider the unique challenges in moving items of historical or artistic significance. Protecting your valuable assets is of paramount importance when it comes to antique moving. These items hold not only monetary value but also historical and sentimental significance. Without experienced professionals, the risk of damage during transport increases significantly.

Albert’s Relocation Services is licensed and insured, ensuring that your antique pieces are safeguarded during the entire moving process. Our team of experienced antique movers is dedicated to securing the items and ensuring they reach their destination in pristine condition. Our status as licensed and insured antique movers provides peace of mind to our clients, knowing that their priceless possessions are in capable hands. We possess the knowledge, skills, and specialized equipment needed to handle delicate and valuable antiques. Our commitment to secure, efficient, and cost-effective antique moves sets us apart. By choosing Albert’s Relocation Services, you are opting for professionals who prioritize the safety and protection of your antique assets. Contact us today and experience a level of expertise that ensures the preservation of your irreplaceable pieces during the move. Your peace of mind and asset protection begin with us.

Structured and organized moving process.

Reduced risk of damage during the move.

Expert coordination to ensure the safety of your antiques.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there specific considerations for moving antiques?

Yes, antiques require specialized packing materials and handling techniques to prevent damage. Professional antique movers will have expertise in this area.

Can I pack my antique items myself?

It’s strongly recommended to hire professional piano movers because they have the expertise and equipment to ensure the safe transport of your piano. Moving a piano yourself can lead to damage or injury.

What measures do you take to protect my items during the move?

Prepare your antiques by taking an inventory, photographing them, and providing antique movers with a detailed list. Clear pathways and create a plan for their placement in your new location.

How far in advance should I book an antique movers?

It’s recommended to book antique movers at least a few weeks in advance, but the more notice you can provide, the better.

Albert’s Relocation Has Got You Covered

Antique Movers Near Me

Albert’s Relocation Services excels in the specialized field of antique moving. The expertise of antique movers becomes evident when you consider the unique challenges in moving items of historical, artistic, and sentimental significance. These valuable assets often hold immense worth, and ensuring their safety and security during transportation is paramount. Hiring professional antique movers to attempt a DIY move is a wise choice. The risk of damage to these valuable items increases significantly when handled by inexperienced individuals. Without proper packing, handling, and transportation, your assets could be subject to irreparable harm. Our team at Albert’s Relocation Services understands the importance of protecting your prized possessions.

The safety of your assets during transportation is our top priority. We are licensed and insured antique movers, ensuring that your valuable items are protected throughout the entire moving process. With our experienced professionals, you can trust that your antiques will reach their destination in pristine condition, preserving their historical and sentimental value. When choosing Albert’s Relocation Services, you are opting for the security and preservation of your irreplaceable antiques. We are committed to ensuring a secure, efficient, and cost-effective antique move, providing you with peace of mind throughout the process. Contact us today to experience a level of expertise that guarantees the safety and protection of your treasured antique assets. Your peace of mind and asset protection begin with us.

Customized packing techniques for delicate items.

Proper equipment and secure transportation.

Insurance coverage for financial protection.